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About Down 2 Earth

In 2014, we started to notice that we worked really hard to recycle our trash, but when it came to simple, natural materials there was often nothing to do but put it in the trash. This made no sense since it can easily be re-used in way that benefits our whole environment. After a lot of research, Down 2 Earth was born. Down 2 Earth was started so that our local community can safely, easily, and effectivley get rid of their organic waste while doing good for the earth. We are so excited to be able to bring this service to Oregon and the local area.
We Are Local

In this day and age of big business, it is nice to know that Down 2 Earth is owned, and run locally. We are a part of this community and so we are dedicated to making sure that it stays as beautiful as it possibly can. We live here, work here, and we want to make sure our family can live here for years to come.

The Future

Down 2 Earth is always looking toward the future. Our business plan is working toward helping with a lot more then just taking materials. We are looking forward to eventually producing low cost organic mulch and compost materials. We are taking materials from the community with the goal to give it back in a usable material. As a part of this plan, we are working on becoming certified with the Ohio EPA. This will make sure that our facility is good for the community and the environment.

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