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Accepted Material List

Here is the latest list of materials that we are currently accepting. We accept green waste material AND other non green material as well.  
Green Waste Materials

We are currently accepting organic materials FOR RECYCLING. Pricing STARTING at $10. We will take:


~ Branches

~ Brush

~ Grass Clippings

~ Leaves

~ Logs ( 20 inches long or less)

~ Stumps

~ Wood Chips/ Old Mulch

~ Dirt

~ Christmas Trees

~ Untreated/ Unpainted Lumber


This list is updated seasonally so check back often!

Non Green Waste Material

We are also currently accepting non green waste materials. Prices for disposal will start at $35


~ Scrap Metal

~ Concrete

~ Asphalt

~ Concrete Block

~ Bricks

~ Drywall

~ Lumber

~ All Construction Debris

~ Railroad Ties

~ Old Appliances


Some of these items are recycled and some will be disposed of. Prices for this start at $25. Thank you for your understanding in this.

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