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Products & Services

 We want to recycle your green waste as well as provide you with high quality mulch and topsoil. This page will help you see what we offer to you! 

In order to keep our recycling facility open and running effectively for you, we charge a small fee for the drop off of your organic material. All payments can be made by either cash or credit card at time of drop off. Here is our list of services:


$2/ Bag or trash can ($10 minimum fee)

$6/ Cubic Yard

$12/ Full Sized Pick-up truck (even with top)

$10/ Mid-Sized Pick-up truck (even with top)

$15/ Stump or tree

Wood Chip Drop Off Always Free.



If you want to keep it even easier, purchase one of our yearly cards that will allow you to drop off unlimited materials.

$95/ Unlimited drop off for a year


Commerical companies are also welcome to bring us their materials. Please contact up to make drop off arrangments.


We do offer pick up from you home for convenience! Our rates vary depending on the load size and location. Please call for more information.

Pick up service rates start at $99 per load.


Please remember that all bags, twine, tape, or other packing materials must be taken home with you after drop off! Thank you for understanding.



***********SPRING 2018*******************

You asked for it, we have it. We will be selling: 

~100% recycled wholesale mulch



     *Natural Brown




Wholesale prices will start at $15 a yard. 

THE BIG BAG is $170 delivered to your home. 

Contact us for more information.

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